A little bit about me...

At Thomas's Wedding

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Tanner and I grew up in a small town in western Nebraska. Kimball was twenty miles west of Wyoming and twenty miles north of Colorado. After graduating High School, I went to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. There I studied Computer Science, Math, Chemistry, and Electrical Engineering. I was also a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. In December 2008, I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

In 2005, and while in college, I was hired on as an Electrical Engineering Co-Op (intern) at Huffman Engineering Incorporated. We were System Integrators, so we would mostly take existing Industrial Control Machines and either update them, modify them, or completely replace them. We mostly worked in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Power, and Municipalities markets. While co-op'ing there, I was first put in the manufacturing floor to first build, test, and debug uL508A electrical control panels and industrial equipment. While later working for HEI, I was later promoted to have my own projects and to operate more as an Electrical Engineer would.

Kimball on the Map

After graduating college, I was hired by Siemens Water Technologies to mostly help with testing and debugging Industrial Water Equipment for their Custom Projects Team. I also performed the Factory Acceptance Tests, working directly and hands-on with customers to ensure equipment met satisfactory standards and to ensure timely approvals by agencies such as the Federal Drug Administration.

After working in the "Test Sand" Electrical Engineer role for about a year, I was promoted up into a Hardware Engineer role. I would design the projects control panels, create their Bill of Materials, create AutoCAD drawings. I would also facilitate Engineering support during the manufacturing phase of our Industrial Water equipment.

Siemens Semi Trailers

After working in my role as Hardware Engineer, I was promoted to then Software Engineer; where I would write the software for the hardware that I already designed. I began a "cradle-to-grave" Electrical Engineer for them at that point. I would be assigned my own projects and I would accomplish each EE task needed for that project.

Years into my career with Siemens, I soon began to help our Electrical Engineering Manager with certain tasks such as interviewing, hiring, and training new candidates. I was also being utilized by the Applications and Sales Engineering teams to offer support "up front" of the projects. The projects that I were assigned at that point where the more spec-heavy and larger projects.

Aerial Pic of Hastings, NE

In September 2014, my wife and I decided to leave Colorado Springs, CO and move back to our home state of Nebraska. This time in the south central part of the state, in Hastings. We moved to Hastings to help with the family business, a Ford dealership. I started at the store in Fixed Operations, which consists of Service, Parts, and Quick Lane. I was in this role for about two years, before also then moving to Variable Operations, the Sales Department.

I started in Sales as a Consultant and then moved up to Sales/Desking Manager. I was then promoted to General Manager in 2019 just as COVID-19 was setting in on us. It's been a wild ride, but I have met and worked with so many great and wonderful people. Each place, each position, has a new set of faces and a whole new group of great people to work with. Thank you to each one of you, and thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me.