Installing Static Cling Window Film

Kitchen Window with Film

1 June 2023
Tanner Sterling

In our new house, there were a couple windows that I wanted to add some more privacy to. Most of them are bathroom windows, but I also added a strip to the bottom of our kitchen window which is shown in the picture above. The film is like regular tint, but this film is a static cling compared to window tint, which has an adhesive backing. This static film may be applied and then easily taken off by simply peeling it off. You can then install a different film of your choice, or just go back to regular glass. I love this stuff because it is so versatile. You can use it in many applications and it is not permanent and easily comes off if wanted.

Tools Overview

You can see the tools that we need are not much. You'll just need something to measure with, a pen to mark on the film's cover, and something to cut it with. For this kitchen window, I started by cleaning the window really well with the soapy water mixture in my spray bottle. You want 99% water with just the smallest amount of dish soap. One tiny drop is all you need. If your mixture has too much soap in it, the film will move too easily and be harder to set where you want it. If the mixture doesn't have enough soap, then it won't move very easily, also making it hard to get into place. Just a drop of soap though, and if you can't move it, carefully peel it back and spray more mixture onto the film. I used the squeegee to help in initially cleaning the window.

Amazon Link

The film that I really have really been liking is made by Volcanics. You can click the picture above and it will take you to the Amazon link. It is very affordable and comes in many different sizes and patterns. Open the film packaging and then lay the film curl-side down. This will put the cover of the film on top, which is what you will be marking on. Take a few seconds to make sure you are marking on the peel-off cover and not the actual window film to be installed. Otherwise, you will be trying to get marker off your window cling; no fun.

Bathroom Window

Once your window is nice and clean, measure the glass, or the area that you will be covering with film. Then carefully mark your cutout and use scissors to cut your window film to your desired size. Then use your water/soap mix and spray the window liberally. You'll want quite a bit of water on the window to ease installation. I have found that putting down some paper towels under the window aides in helping to clean up. Slide your film into position and when it is in the correct place, start slowly sliding the water from behind the window with either a soft squeegee or similar device. I have a little window tint tool that I use. Something that is soft and rubber usually works the best. Start by making a few horizontal lines when pushing the water out. This will help the film to stay in place. Then work your way from the center out to each corner. Try to get all the water and bubbles that you can out. You are now good to go, enjoy!

2nd Bathroom Window