Installing Static Window Film

Kitchen Window

In our new house, there were a couple windows that I wanted to add some more privacy to. Most of them are bathroom windows, but I also added a strip to the bottom of our kitchen window which is shown in the picture above. The film is like regular tint, but (read more)

Finally Cutting the Cord!

tv antenna

My family and I recently moved to our "forever house" back in in October 2022. That's it in the top banner pic. For many years Ashley, my wife, and I had been paying the Big Cable and Big Satellite companies lots of money, for lots of channels, (read more)

My First Computer!

Tandy 2500SX

My Grandma Bauer gave me my first computer back in the early 1990s. It was a Tandy i386 that had like 16 MB of RAM, a 3.5" floppy drive, the larger 5.5" floppy disks that were much more limited too. It did not have a CD ROM yet, although they were proably just getting (WIP)

About Me:

Maverick's Game

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Tanner and I grew up in a small town in western Nebraska. Kimball was twenty miles west of Wyoming and twenty miles north of Colorado. After graduating High School, I went to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. There I studied Computer (read more)

Brrp, Buzz, Brrshh!

Robot Smoking

This site is under active construction and like most things, it is a mechanical device, which can fai..., ahh, well, anyways things may not be perfect and thank you for bearing with me through any and all of the mistakes. This site is for fun, so I hope you enjoy some part of it.